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The Computer Hardware Division handles the provision of All Dell Hardware, HP hardware, UPS, Storage Solutions and other peripherals.


The range of Dell products available include the following:

Optiplex/Dimension PCs

Optiplex desktop computers are developed for the corporate and institutional customers who need highly reliable systems within networked environments. Industry-wide compatible contributes to the high dependability of Optiplex systems, which have the lowest down - time rates, among those from all major manufacturers, according to a leading PC Publication.

Latitude Notebooks

Latitude Notebooks PCs provide large corporate, government and education customers with reliability, stability and superior battery performance for complex networked environments. Important Latitude features include lower total cost of ownership, outstanding network connectivity and broad operating systems support.

Inspiron Notebooks.

Inspiron notebook computers are targeted at customers who require the highest performing computer systems at aggressive prices, along with industry - leading service and support. Such customers are typically individuals or small to medium sized businesses that are looking for optimum performance for their system investment.

Precision Workstation

Precision workstations are ideally suited to run complex applications such as 3-D CAD, digital content creation, software development and financial / economic modeling. Customized to users needs, Dell workstations offer high performance technology in an affordable, state-of-the art solution.

Poweredge Networks Servers

Poweredge Network Servers have made Dell the fastest - growing company in the category since their introduction. All PowerEdge products offer users performance, reliability, availability and scalability comparable to proprietary high end systems, but are based on compatible, open standards and are more affordable.

PowerVault Storage Products.

Power Vault Storage Products are designed to drive high -end storage features into standard computing environments, meeting a wide range of customer storage needs.


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